How long do it take to upgrade my account?

Are upgrades suppose to be instant ? I just upgrade my account to the basic membership of 10$/month with paypal. the 500 free points shows up in my account but my account page says im still a free member? I dont mind waiting if mark needs to flip a switch to make me a basic member. Just thought it was automatic.


Hi keroro,

Upgrades should be instant. I am not sure what happened with yours since there is no record of your transaction in our payment system. It must not have gone through although it obviously did register in our system which is why you got your 500 points. Sometimes upgrades using a PayPal account can cause problems or not work properly.

I have removed your 500 points for now. You will have to try your upgrade again. Once it goes through I will return those 500 points. Don’t try to use the upgrade coupon again since this will prevent you from upgrading since you have used it once already.

Thanks Mark,

I thought it should be instant.
I just paid for it directly using my credit card instead of going through paypal for the same credicard payment.
Look like it worked !!!


Yup, everything looks good now! We have your money. :wink:

i just paid to upgrade to basic, using credit card. on my account page the upgrade works, but when i go to my lesson, i am still signal as free user and can not add lingq (i reached the limit). Can you help me?

hello… i am having the same exact problem as mayline974. The account page shows the transaction history but the lesson page will not let me create any more lingqs

We’re looking into the issue now. It’s one of the inevitable bugs that comes with upgrading the site, but we’ll locate it and fix it as soon as possible!

"It’s one of the inevitable bugs that comes with upgrading the site, . . . . "
I hope that this is not an “inevitable” joke. :wink:

@mayline974, therfg2003 - You should be able to create LingQs now. Sorry about that bug.

Hi mark,

i have upgraded my Account too. But i am not allowed to create new Lingq’s.
The account page shows me as an Basic Member.

I hope you can fix it so i can go on with my study’s.


@ Blister - I’m very sorry about that. We thought we had fixed the problem. Please try refreshing your page or logging out and logging back in. We are looking into the problem but, in the meantime, that may help.

@ Blister - That problem should be fixed now. Please try again.

@ Mark - works very well, thank you.