How long can you remember a language?

Right now I am studying german, mainly because I really enjoy learning a new language and plan to live in Germany eventually. I am due to go to basic training for the Air Force on Jan.3rd 2012. I have about a month and 3 weeks until then. At the moment I’m somewhere in between high beginner and lower intermediate I’d say and by the time I have to leave I hope to be a solid Intermediate. Basic Training is 2 months and I obviously can’t continue studying when I’m there. Will I be able to remember the information I’m studying now by the time I’m done with Basic Training? Should I continue studying or is there no point?

I like to think that the time we spend studying is never lost.
In your case it seems the worst you can expect is to forget part of the words you have already memorized , but even so, the more contact you have with the idiom the easier it will be the next time you go back to your studies.
So, if you plan to go to Germany in the future… why not persist in your efforts?

I think it depends how well you currently know what you know - this can depend on your memory in general and the time you have spent on the language. Even if the level is only between high beginner and lower intermediate, you might still have internalized the content of your material very well. Why not giving German another seven weeks, if you have the time? Your skills won’t get worse, that’s for sure. Depending on the approach you’ve taken so far, you could change activity. Think of the various skills (listening, reading, speaking, writing…thinking). Perhaps you have neglected one or two, and would benefit from extra practice. Consider textbooks, grammar/exercises/pattern drills, audiobooks, books, podcasts, news articles, chatrooms… there’s no limit!