How long are Beta languages given?

Good day everyone :slight_smile:

I’m sure this question has been asked and answered many a time but looking through the forums I couldn’t find the answer I wanted :stuck_out_tongue:
I was basically wondering what is stopping just changing all the beta languages to “Supported Languages”? is it an issue of changing it from a beta to a supported language requires a certain amount of content in the library, or is it a developer thing or a financial thing?

I was also wondering if all the current beta languages are going to stay? I’m currently studying a language in the Beta languages section and I wouldn’t want all the work I’ve done to be wiped away even If I were the only one using it.

Corin :wink:

Basically it’s about having enough materials, people learning them and at least some tutors. (Even though I have never used a tutor for any language - I do understand the worth of them).

I don’t think he Beta languages are going anywhere.

If a language generates enough activity (tutors, lessons in the Library, active learners) then we’ll consider adding it as a supported language. We don’t have any plans to remove any of the current beta languages, so you can study then whether or not they eventually become supported :slight_smile: