How listening is recorded

I have recently been really focusing on my listening and I am confused as to how Lingq records its time.

for example 8.8 hours I don’t understand when I read that I think the user has done 8 hours and 80 minuets of listening but there are only 60 minuets in an hour? so it should be 9.2 ( 9 hours 20 minuets) and does Lingq record time as soon as the audio is starting to play or when a lesson is finished for example?

if someone could explain how Lingq records its time listened that would be great I would like my listening time to be as accurate as possible!!


8.8 hours means just that: 8 hours and eight-tenths of an hour, meaning 8 hours and 48 minutes. I’m not sure how lingq itself records the audio of lesson. I think after it’s over, but I can’t recall. For me, when I would read in the lessons, I would just see if the audio time moved and if no, would add in how much time it was. Since I do most of my listening away from LingQ, I really just keep track myself and then just input the hours, minutes, etc. Right now, I’m just using LingQ as a complicated score keeper since I can’t read in it right now.

PS: My reply to your inqurity on my profile will be answered shortly.

Ah okay thanks again for your reply, well as long as my stats show that I have done 1.5 hours of listening per day I will be happy if not I shall try and add them manually myself as I even time myself when completing my listening!

Muchas gracias por todo tus ayudó

*tu ayuda. :slight_smile: