How is work counting works?

I have in the top of my screen the words count for the language i learn(Arabic -1485).
and i was wondering, if when i filter the vocabulary i get
only 500 result for 4-known words, but every time i mark a word as 4 its adds immdetly to the counting.
so how it actually works?

Known words are all level 4 words and also known words (marked with a green checkmark). In vocabulary you can filter them with “Known words” and “Learned words”.

Please note that Known words count includes words you have saved in Vocabulary (with status 4 or checkmarked) and also includes words you marked as Known directly in a lesson. That is the reason why Known words counter in higher than your status 4 words count in Vocabulary.

Thanks for the reply!
I have 461 words marked as “4” and “known”, but yet the counting on the top shows 1522 words.

Yes, exactly. That means that you have marked 1000+ words as known directly in a lesson, without saving them to Vocabulary.

Yea, I did it by mistake, at the beginning i didn’t knew that going to the next page marks words as known, and when i finished a mini story i pressed the V without knowing it also mark word as known automaticly.
is there a way to delete all the word i didnt input manually?
I want to keep track of my real progress :
thanks for the replies, much appreciated !

@drorko, once you mark a word as known (checkmark) you can not undo it. When you come across the word again you can change the level to turn it yellow again.

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so its un-do-able?
i have more than 1000 words i didnt marked as known but they count as known
in my vocab?
that pretty stupid I must say, learning a work take time and effort, and hitting the number 4 after you encounter a word for the 50th time and you feel you know it is super rewarding and fun.
I cant understand why it happenes automatically but default