How is the Video Contest going?

I just had another look at some of the videos on YouTube.

How will the winner be decided? Is it just votes or will you take quality into account?

I noticed that the first video of all has got the most votes. I don’t know what the reasons behind it are, perhaps people genuinely think it is the best of all, or they just happen to watch it first and ‘like’ it, without realising that they can only vote once?

Human nature is that we tend to notice more the beginning and the end of a series of items, and least the middle bits. Are people losing out on votes because of the positioning of their videos?

I noticed that Oscar’s is by far the best quality video Will this be taken into consideration? (And, no, I have another favourite!)

Deciding all the voting with the “I like” button makes this contest a race of how many friends you’ve got, rather than what’s the best video.

Voting here in the forum would have been fairer. Now it seems the winner may end up being the one who has more friends or more accounts or whatever.

Òscar’s video isn’t first anymore? rushes to go check

back Well, his video has the most views, so people definitely see his video.

Berta, of course the purpose of the contest was to get more publicity for LingQ, so the more friends, the better, I take it.

I might have missed the discussion. How do we prevent people to vote more than once? I think even if you have a single account, you can ‘like’ more than one video, right?

By the way, why do we disallow people to vote more than once?

@edwin - On YouTube, one account can only like a particular video one time. You can click the button multiple times, but it won’t do anything :wink:
The reason why we “disallow” this is because we chose YouTube to be the platform to use and YouTube’s platform only supports a single “vote” per account.

Sorry, I meant ‘like’-ing multiple videos, not one video multiple times.

So we still allow people to vote for more than one video, right?

Ah, yes. You can vote for as many of them as you like :slight_smile:

That’s good. I literally ‘like’ many of them.

We have to stay with the rules as we set them out.

If any of you feel strongly about the high quality of any contestant’s video, and I see Oscar mentioned here, maybe you can find ways to spread the word about this video and ask people on different internet sites to support your favourite video. This not only would help your favourite contestant, but also helps to spread the word about LingQ.

I was surprised to see Oscar’s video second a few days ago. He appeared to have a massive lead, but a few videos have managed to increase their ‘likes’ dramatically, in just a few days. Makes me wish I was still on Facebook :slight_smile:

I think Oscar has done so well partly because he has many followers on his YouTube channel. Not to mention that his video is muy divertido and of a very high standard (in terms of picture, sound and editing).

I started to wonder the other day whether there is any danger of participants creating YouTube accounts themselves just to like their own video. I know this shouldn’t be the case, and I wouldn’t dream of accusing anyone. However, there wouldn’t be any way to stop this, would there?

No way of stopping that Peter. And I believe you can use “vote bots” too :stuck_out_tongue:

@peter - In essence, there is no way to accurately tell whether or not someone is creating multiple accounts and voting for their own video. However, we are keeping an eye on things and watching for any suspicious activity. We hope, of course, that it doesn’t have to come to this :slight_smile:

One of the places where I posted my video was facebook and I wrote that I need “a thumb up” in this contest , so I received a lot of “thums up” on my facebook page,but not on youtube , so then I repsoted my video expalaning that they need to vote on youtube.
Before the contest I was already praising LingQ among my friends, I hope that thanks to my video the number of polish LingQ users will increase.
I like Oscar’s video too because it’s really entertaining, but probably if it wouldn’t be that good I would give him a “thumb up” anyway ,because I just like to listen to his nad Berta’s lessons here on LingQ. for me :stuck_out_tongue:

This contest is nothing more than a popularity contest. In my opinion, the content of each video takes a 2nd place behind the overall and general popularity of the speaker. It’s like walking past a restaurant and the staff member jumps out of the shop begging you to come inside… such a turn off. If I like the video, I will “like” you… having your friends and yourself beg for votes just makes it incredibly tasteless…

I’ve seen several non-participants cross promote (to the point of begging) specific contestants (without naming names) to vote for this particular individual.

For this contest to have credibility, participants should not beg for votes, nor should they encourage popular friends of theirs (even to the point of requesting them) not to help ask people to vote for them just because the person is a friend or whatever.

Nevertheless, I just listened to “goldenspeaker” and his English was super impressive. Especially for the fact he learnt for 1 year, he sounds like a veteran already. Good work.

Wow… Just saw OscarP’s video. His video is well made and entertaining. Well performed and a clear winner.

Hi Milan,

I don’t know if I’ve been begging or just asking to consider voting for my video. What I know is I tried to make a creative and interesting video for the viewers (of course it’s up to them to decide if my video deserves their votes or not).

Plus, even it took a lot of time to make the video (different angles of camera, the character of the “professor”, sound effects, …), I had a lot of fun, and it’s also important to me.

I hadn’t watched Goldenspeaker’s video before, impressive.

Goldenspeaker rocks. I was really impressed. He is pretty fluent. I wish I was as good as him.

I’ve added all the videos to the blog “The LingQ videos”: as well as a lot of new videos that I found from different LingQ members or from YouTubers who mentioned LingQ. I’m glad about more suggestions for videos that I should add to the blog. Please add your suggestions to the first post on this thread.

Ups. It should be: Please add your suggestions to the first post on the blog.