How is the activity score calculated?

I was on a good streak lately and I eventually got the silver apple. However, I missed one day of making LingQs because there was an error on the site.

Even since then, I’ve been on the same streak doing the same amount of activity per day; about a half hour of listening, 600-800 words of reading, about 40 new LingQs, and occasionally some speaking and writing. Yet, my activity score goes DOWN everyday. What gives? I’ve been pretty active.

I would also like to know how the activity score is calculated.

Activity score includes all of these: LingQs created, LingQs learned, speaking events (15-minute conversations attended), words of writing (through submissions on Exchange), minutes of conversation hosting and days logged in last month. 10 points each day you access a language, so 300 activity points over 30 days if you actively study a single language every day through the site.

Visit the Help section for more details: (Community Help).