How is listening time calculated?

Do you need to complete a lesson to get credit for listening to it? If I listen to 20 of 25 minutes of an audiobook, does that 20 minutes get counted?

If you listen to a lesson in LingQ it will count the time. I think if you do a repeat listen at that time it might not count it…or maybe that was a bug at one time and may be fixed. Only one way to know is to try and see if it’s keeping track of every single listen including repeats.

If you listen to an audiobook outside of LingQ, it doesn’t know about that time. However, you can enter the time manually. I personally try to keep track of it myself, so when I listen to audible or a podcast or something else I’ll go add the time manually. I sometimes may enter it for certain tv shows or movies, if I’m completely focused on it and trying to understand everything I can.

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From my experience, it seems that you only get listening credit for the lesson once the audio track finishes. That is, no partial credit. However, on the most recent update to the Android mobile app, they have added “real-time” audio/reading tracking. After that update, you do now get partial credit for both audio and reading. However, I don’t know if that’s also the case for the website yet, or if it ever will be.