How I have to correct time in settings?

Today my tutor waited for me over 40 minutes and I had no my first conversation cause time of lesson in my schedule was not correct.
My American tutor had 9 AM in schedule. I had 6 PM. I open Skype at 5.45. But in fact my tutor wated for me since 5 PM. Now I have in settings GMT +3.00 Kiev. Must I change this time to Helsinki or Istanbul? :slight_smile: Or this problem can be fixed in another way?

I understood! Kiev has +2:00 GMT, not +3:00 like in LingQ settings! I temporarily changed my time zone to Helsinki.

@ Sun_City - It looks like the time zone converter we use has mistakenly assumed that Ukraine is staying on daylight savings time like Russia and Belarus. Yes, by choosing Helsinki you can resolve the problem. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do until our time zone converter gets updated but you can stay on Helsinki time permanently since it has the same settings as Ukraine time.

Thank you, Mark! Ukrainian Parlament changed time zone law this year twice. Firstly we did like Russia. But later Parlament annuled this decree. It may be the reason of converter mistake. Now I virtually live in Helsinki :slight_smile: Not the worse place of them all :slight_smile:

@Sun_City - Actually, we just uploaded an update for our time zone list which does make the proper adjustment for the Ukraine. Thanks for letting us know!

Thank you for updating time zone list!