How far can you go?

Hi, I’ve been using LingQ and it has given me a massive boost in beginning Spanish. Now though, I have hit a brick wall and can no longer learn as well as I have been. Is this the limitation LingQ? Can I only learn the basics with it? As you can see on my profile, I put myself to advanced so I can learn more vocabulary, will this work or will it be too difficult? Who has truly become fluent in any language with LingQ and how long did it take?

There is an, admittedly very clever, member called Aineko who has learned Spanish with LingQ. You can read her story in this month’s LingQ Newsletter (there is also a thread where she writes about her experience, but I can’t find it at the moment).

Only you can decide whether Advanced is too advanced for you!

gizmo2012, on the process of learning a language, soon or later you’ll come across with a plateau (the stage that although you study a lot you don’t notice improvement). It’s natural, because the brain needs some time to consolidate the new skills you’ve gotten. It usually happens when you achieve intermediate level.
The remedy: patience :slight_smile:

I agree Oscar. The first few months we really notice our progress. Then we start on the long, but journey to fluency. It is a long road. Settle in and prepare to enjoy it for its own sake.

I suppose the stage I am at is the bit which stops people from taking it all the way.

Feeling the same way that you do, last year I wrote an article called “Why being an intermediate sucks” which you can read here: I had to do a google search to find it, and on the way I found a similar article written for gym bunnies hitting exactly the same problem.

I can’t speak for gym bunnies, but for language learning I can say: there is no reason why you can’t use LingQ to get to postgraduate level in a second language, and also it is a very useful platform for people studying the science of linguistics too.

The plateau frustration is a by-product of getting quite good at something. Everyone needs to find their own way of dealing with it. Getting obsessive about raising your LingQ scores can help. I am sooo close to beating Steve’s LingQs created score… :wink:

Go, Helen, go!!!

Luckily enough the thread I couldn’t find appeared in the forum just when we needed it: it is a remarkable success story!