How does Words of Reading work?


I’ve never changed this but probably should. I’ve noticed that my number increases even though I never change it. When does the system add to my number?

Also, minor question, if I want to add a profile photo using an iPad, I can’t seem to increase the crop size for the upload of an existing photo. Am I destined to be a blue head until I use a pc?

Are you sure you don’t do anything? From what I can remember, the number increases each time you read a lesson (and “finish” it). Little blue arrows on each side of the time indicator enabled you to adjust the number manually (for instance, if you read the same lesson several times).

Does this help?

Hmm. I never change the little arrows, and until the iPhone app went bust last week I did most of my listening and reading with the app and never used it to change my reading stats either. My stats tell me I created 1807 lingqs in the past 7 days but I’ve only ‘read’ 1529 words. So something doesn’t look right… I thought I might start updating the number of times I’ve read something but didn’t want to double count, because the system is counting something, I’m just not sure what.

@wato - The system used to automatically add 1 time of reading when you reach 0 New Words in a lesson, however, this was recently changed and no longer happens. Instead the counter controls are placed at the end of the lesson and you now need to update them to record your reading stats. We made this change to prevent double counting as you point out.

Puzzlingly, my words of reading for the last week are negative. I didn’t manually subtract any words, which as far as I know is the only way to get a negative score.

Mark, have you been playing with the counters, some time between yesterday and seven days ago?

@skyblueteapot - I wonder if this was related to the change from automated counting to manual counting when finishing a lesson. At this point it would be difficult to identify the specific source of this, but if you notice anything strange with your Words of Reading from today on, please let us know.