How does the "known words" statistic work?

Until now I’ve had no problem in meeting the target of 30 known words/day, simply because they are words I already knew, and I’m just letting lingq know that I know them.

But once this phase is finished and lingq has already counted my current vocabulary, won’t 30/day be a bit too much?

I mean, I know it can be done. But such a goal seems weird compared to the mildness of the other goals, and that makes me think I’m misunderstanding the nature of this statistic.

For example, the goal for lingq learned is only 6/day, so where should the other 24 words come from?

The other 24 words come from words that you know without creating a LingQ, either because you knew them already or because you learned another variant of the word which you had Lingqed and learned.

I personally never paid much mind to the less than “All Time” goals and the various avatar levels. I just put the time in (1.5 hrs a day for serious committed learning like a 90 Day challenge) and let the lingqs and know words and stats fall where they may. I used the stats, but set my own goals at particular times.

That being said, maybe a LingQ person could chime in with what their reasoning is. I believe this has been discussed at length before so I would just search the forum.