How Does Someone Learn A language Just by Listening to Audio and Reading without Knowing the Meaning?

How Does Someone Learn A language Just by Listening to Audio and Reading without Knowing the Meaning?

You know the meaning of the words when you “LingQ” (i.e. looking up the words in a web dictionary and save the translations and text fragments) them - they turn from blue to yellow.

of course if you don’t understand you learn nothing, choose the right level and follow the system, read here Getting Started, on LingQ you can find everything you need to learn a language.

You might want to read the following tips by someone whose name escapes me at the moment.

In my experience it is the gradual process of making sense of content, interesting content, in another language, that leads to language acquisition.

In our beginner lessons you have access to dictionaries, translations, text, audio, notes , possibly video, and our community to help you. Try to piece together the meaning, using this help less and less. Listen and read as often as you need to. It is like putting together the pieces of a jig saw puzzle. The more words you know, the more you can figure out.
This is how the brain gets used to the new language and the language becomes a part of you.

It is a good program buy it takes a while to learn to use it properly. I wish it was designed in more logical sequence clearly indicating the levels from brand new beginner to more advanced lessons, maybe with numbers or sections. It is really hard to follow for me even though I have some basic knowledge. I wonder about someone who faces japanese for the first time.

Well, alll babies can do this, and I saw a person on youtube learning chinese this way. I think it’s very inefficient and you’d be better of actively learning new words then listening to gibberish that you can’t analyze - it may work if the languages are related but if you are english and are studying japanese your brain will, after a while simply say “okay, I give up” and start thinking about other stuff.

However don’t get me wrong, what I meant above was when you start learning a language - when you are already advanced and can understand a lot then by all means listen to your hearts desire.

I still believe in this concept, that you have to be exposed to the language to absorb it. It’s the only way, I guess. But I also like to read grammar books and things like that. Anyway, as Yuri said, it’s perfectly possible to learn a language just listening to content in the target language. That’s how I developed my knowledge in spanish (which is advanced today, I think). But, portuguese is my native language, so… spanish is the most familiar foreign language for me…

diegomartins it’s not exactly what I meant. While it’s possible, I only recommend it after you already have some level of proficiency

Alright Thank you everyone. Yuri what O’blast are you located?

I’m in Kiev