How does one submit possible errors for correction?

For example the following sentence is in the Spanish “Who is She?” story.

”No voy a ayudaré.” Which should be “No voy a ayudarle.” in the context of the story.

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Premium members can use “Edit Lesson” option under the menu button (three dots) at the top on the lesson page and fix errors they notice.
Or, you can message us at support(at), report the problem and we will fix it on our end. I’ll check that lesson you mentioned from “Who is she” course.

Thanks zoran. The sentence was at the beginning of Part 15. I found the edit menu and fixed it. Actually, it should be “No voy a ayudarla.” not “ayudarle”. The latter is called leísmo I believe.

But no conjugated verb should follow another conjugated verb, so
”No voy a ayudaré.” is definitely wrong.