How Do You Use The "My Language" section and the daily word LingQs?

I am trying to figure out the best way to use these features for my vocabulary building. What is your normal process for using these features? What do you set your settings at and how many words do you try to tackle a day? Do you do any filtering for variation? What is your goal here? A certain length of time each day, a number of words, what is your goal each day? Also, do you take any further steps like putting these words into an anki deck with mneumonics, sound files, pictures, etc. like discussed in the Fluent Forever book. Finally, I am trying to aggressively attack my vocabulary but not to where it would reach burnout level so please keep that in mind when giving suggestions.

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My method is pretty simple. As I read, if I come across a Level 1 LingQ that I think I know or more or less know, I change it to Level 2. Then I do a 25-word review every day (at least every day at the moment, during my 90-day challenge), filtering to only include Level 2 and Level 3 LingQs. That way, the flashcards are always words/phrases that I already should pretty much know and which might just need a bit of reinforcement to get them to Level 4.

If I did reviews with my Level 1 LingQs, I think I would mostly just be frustrated that I don’t know most of them. So I continue to read and see those Level 1 LingQs in context which helps me become more familiar with them before I turn them to Level 2 and eventually have to recall them during vocab review.


I love the idea. This sounds really helpful, and I may have to hop on board with this method. It sounds very functional and effective.