How do YOU use LingQ?

I am curious how everyone here personally uses LingQ on a day to day basis. For my personally, I have a lot of free time so I have been using LingQ quite frequently and listening a lot so let me give you my breakdown on how I use LingQ and maybe all of you can share some thoughts on what would be more efficient or a better use of time.

Currently I am learning Korean so I have been importing a lot of podcasts about one hundred podcasts in all.

What I do is LingQ one of the podcasts while listening to the podcast, which typically takes about a half hour to do. I then listen to the podcasts actively while reading along about four or five times. Once I have fully read the podcast about five times I will move on to the next podcast and repeat the same method. I generally do not like how LingQ does flash cards so I have been avoiding the flashcards in the system for the most part.

When going out I will have my ipod with me and continue to listen to all the material that I am currently working on and I also almost always have my television on on a Korean channel when I am at home.

In your opinion do you think this is an efficient method? Would you do something differently? How do you use LingQ on a daily basis to reach your goals?

Look forward to hearing some insights!

Here’s how I use it.

  1. I listen to a lesson.
  2. Then I listen while reading along.
  3. Then I go through and make lingqs (I love this part).
  4. I download the mp3 and stick it on my ipod.

I usually download and add to my ipod in big batches because I am very impatient I don’t like to be bothered with this process anymore than I have to be.

As for the flashcards, they’re actually my favorite part. The reminder pops up in my mailbox and I don’t allow myself to clean it out until I actually do the review. Because I am a little obsessive compulsive about keeping my inbox as empty as possible, I have a strong external motivation to review.