Recently I have had a very interesting conversation with Richard, my student from the UK.
He speaks fluently Russian, and I’ve made this interview with him because I believe that his recommendations for language learners can be very useful for everyone here.
Besides, I like his clear British English, so you can also enjoy it using this link:


I agree with the point that adult learners simply aren’t children anymore and that they don’t live in the country where they speak the language, and that this is why grammar is important. Sometimes it’s really frustrating to go slowly because of grammar studies (and I am going slowly now with Serbian), but I completely agree that it’s important not to be in a hurry.

I myself didn’t have a clear goal though when I started learning Russian. I seriously didn’t know why I was learning it. But somehow I managed to get through the coursebook and after a while I found that Tolstoy and Dostoyevskiy are really interesting writers. Maybe I was lucky that way. Now I also am interested in Pushkin and Turgenev. I don’t know what to do with Serbian at this point and maybe that really is a bad thing. Time will show.