How do you start writing?


I want to know how to go about writing in spanish? Obviously I want to write something and learn from it, so where is a good place to start, I think if I wrote in spanish I would have to look up a lot of words or else there would be blanks and a lot of mistakes, can somebody advise me what I could do, I don’t want to just start writing something randomly, wasting my time and not learning anything? Thanks

may be you have to learn the basic of grammar like subjects, verbs, adverb , etc(the basic structure of a sentence) i’m not saying that you have to learn all the grammar rules because this is incorrect

Thanks f.i.t.s. I should add I have done lots of listening and reading, I have lots of words and a feel for the grammar, but is there a certain method for a beginner to write, I have said that when I reach 5000 known words I want to start to speak, but think maybe I should do a bit of writing before then perhaps!

I have started to write in English in my Facebook with my classmate and while I was writing, I was using a translate. First I started with simple conversations like hello man how are you ? good thanks, have you done the HW?

If you want to I can help you with Spanish and if you wanna talk my Skype is fernandoc.gomez

This is a good question, since writing is easily the most neglected of the 4 skills. Why learn writing, if your goal doesn’t include being able to write in your target language? Because it’s actually more efficient to incorporate some writing in your learning plan than not to. The synergy achieved by firing on all 4 pistons overrides the time “wasted” on writing. To the OP - the same is true for speaking; imo you are making a mistake by waiting so long to start, but that wasn’t your question so I’ll drop it now.

Finally realizing the benefits of writing after many years of neglecting it, I have begun to incorporate it into my learning plan. I’ve tried a few things, and came up with something I like, but I’m by no means an expert. When I’m ready to start writing in a language, I start writing 10 lines a day in a notebook. I try to write all 10 lines without stopping to look up words, grammar, or anything else. After finishing, I take a red pen and use dictionaries, google translate, etc to correct what I’ve done. I try to write about stuff that will be very high usage for me, so I usually memorize the unknown words and grammar if necessary. Why do I use paper? Why do I finish before getting help from dictionaries? To save time. Like I said, I’ve tried several things, and this seems to give me the most bang for buck.

As I progress, I write about 1 page per day, and try to get a native to correct my work. My goal isn’t to become a great writer; you’ll probably want to do more than me. My goal is merely to get the majority of the synergistic benefits that writing has on the other 3 skills, and I think I can get them with 1 page a day.

Typing is also excellent practice. I haven’t incorporated typing into my plan; I do it sporadically, but I feel it’s benefits. I recommend learning to touch-type in your target language, which should be pretty easy in Spanish. I’ve typed quite a few emails in different languages, and type when I chat sometimes too. I think these are great things, and know many people prefer this over paper. But my time is limited, so I do the thing that I feel is most effective for me, and that’s writing on paper.

Hey wulfgar,

Thanks for post, this is very helpful, obviously I know how I can go about writing something, but your idea of writing 10 lines a day in a notebook seems like a great idea, and maybe I should start speaking too, I think by deliberately writing something down you are aware of your errors more, it is more like speaking in a way I guess!

Anyway I like reading all these helpful comments and it makes me want to keep up my study in the language, the last week I have been so busy with work and I have been kind of just going through the motions of learning in the evenings but listening to other people and their ideas about how they learn is very interesting.


Glad to help. We are in the same boat, trying to use efficient methods since work limits our study time. Good luck!

Another way would be to play one of the beginners’ (short) audio files over and over and try to write down its script.
When you think you have done your best - you have the original to compare to.
This way you are working on your spelling, you notice sentence structure more, etc.
Of course, using this method you are not really expressing your own thoughts but could still be beneficient.