How do you search for who has the most LingQs

How do you search for who has the most LingQs in a given language.

The new year is coming and I am getting ready to step up my language learning and I (of course want to be near the top) :slight_smile:


@mikebooks - You can see various different rankings at the top right of the Exchange page. Good luck on achieving your goals in 2014!


WoW-- the user “solanderdog” has read almost 2 million words in one month!
As I read slowly (~ 5000-6000 words an hour in French) that would take me a over 300 hundred hours-- impossible to do in a month.


On the bright side, I see that i am in the top 10 already (for Activity Score).

@mikebooks - I hear you about the reading… I don’t know how some people do it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t read 2 million words in one month. When I look at my monthly total, I see 79,906.

Good point, maybe mikebooks got you confused with kristiansand (1.8 million words read last month). I don’t even think I can read that much in English in a month, let alone another language.

My mistake.

I meant to say (write) that the user " kristiansand" has read nearly 2 millions words in one month. This seems like a lot of reading.

And that you “solanderdog” have an activity score twice that of mine! How much time are you spending each day learning?


Both are impressive stats and motivate me to work harder. After X-mas I am stepping up my French language learning.

I don’t really keep track of it. At least an hour or two each morning and then another hour or so in the evening. Plus, I listen to MP3s, when I can get away with it, throughout the day.