How do you review word in vocabulary section?

Today I was reviewing my japanese salved words in vocabulary section. I found out that its very good to review by creation date. I have saved almost 1000 japanese words and reviewing these words by creation date, starting from the oldest words is working very well for me. I notice I can recognize words in my old vocabulary pages faster than words recently saved. I know it is obvious, but I get very motivated starting from the oldest pages, because all the words were unknow words some time ago.

What do you think about it? How do you used to review words in vocabulary section?

I sometimes review by creation date, but usually to review the words I have saved recently.

I also review by status, usually 100 at a time. I select All and this opens up the “more actions” box, and ticks all the items. Then I go down and review the words and untick the ones I am really stuck on. The rest are moved up one level.

I also review in alphabetical order since that gives me related words, which in Russian are numerous. I might then tick a number of them and move them to known.

Recently , when saving words, or looking up words that are highlighted in yellow in WorkDesk and which I have trouble remembering how to use, I have started tagging them with a number, 1 to 5. Then I can review just those words in Vocabulary. 5 being the ones that I really should know but have trouble with, and 4 less urgent and so on.

I always edit LingQs in WorkDesk or from Flash Cards, since it is so much slower to do it in the Vocabulary section. We hope to improve that.

Most of time I use the flash cards both from overview page and from the workdesk. I don’t use the vocabulary section very much.

I usually review by importance in the vocabulary section. I think it is efficient way. I don’t use the Flashcard yet, because I haven’t saved examples and hints.