How do you reset a lesson?

I am having a bit of a problem. I wonder how to reset a lesson?? I want all the words to be blue again so that I can save some words/expressions… I made the mistake in my second lesson hera at LingQ when I pressed the button saying: What if I click ‘Move all remaining New Words to Known Words list’ before I am finished LingQing terms? - And my words stopped being blue… =( I want them blue again because I was not finished… And it was a mistake because I do not know all those words yet.

I also have another question about saving words, When i presse on a blue word that is inside an expression I can save the whole expression that the word is in or just the word itself… But if I choose to save the expression than the word itself stops being blue. Do I need to decide if I want to add the whole expression or just the individual word…? Can I not save both the word and the expression it is used in too…?

Thanx in advance,
Tali from Sweden

You need to save individual words before saving them as part of a phrase. If you do this, you can save words both ways.

As for the first part of your question, you can highlight words again and save them. You can do this the same way as you save phrases.

Just to add to the Ginkgo58’s explanation, you can save LingQs for mistakenly known words again, however, you can’t make them blue again. Once you interact with a word, it will never be blue.