How do you Overcome Boredom when Repeating Multiple Times?

Some of you are able to repeat the same thing over and over.

For example listening the same audio for multiple times to reinforce comprehension. Or reading again the same story to better acquire the vocabulary and so on.

How do you do that?
Do you have any strategy to share to overcome boredom or fatigue?

I believe this can be important to do BUT for me is extremely difficult to achieve. Boredom and mental fatigue are a lot to bare. And there are others here that continuously change subject as well but never repeat anything. (I don’t say it’s mandatory just that it could be useful for them to have some tips as well).

In these days I’ve found, for example, an interesting strategy that I can instead use and that serve two purposes (so for some reason I don’t live it as boredom).

I train myself using a typing software that allow me to upload the content I want.
So I upload now simple German content that I’ve previously read on LingQ and I use it for training my typing speed. In this way, even if I go off and on with my mind, I’m able to read again the same subject BUT I also achieve training in another different area. So, like they say: “I kill two birds with a stone”.

Do you have any of these double strategies to share?

Thank you very much.

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Hi David,
I can repeat “short” content a few times. Short meaning something that can be read in about 5 min or under. Repeating longer content to me feels tedious…plus there are SOOOO many other things to read that I simply don’t want to repeat things. If there was limited content I certainly would be much more inclined to repeat content.

I do occasionally “repeat” longer content, or even shorter content, but in a different manner. I simply skip to the yellow words in the content and read that sentence and maybe the surrounding sentences for context. That way I can skip over the things I know and get right to the words I need to learn. This does give the repetition one might want, but saves a ton of time. Plus I’m still reading the word in context and surrounding context so it’s not just some SRS word I’m going over without the surrounding clues or potential typical phrases that word might be found in.

I struggle to find time, otherwise I would do this “quick” repeat process a lot more often. If I became bored with the content, I’d simply move on. Plus I think there’s diminishing returns on repeating the same content.

I don’t have any double strategies except I think reading along with audio is beneficial. Just don’t have time and place to do that very often.


Hi @eric. Thanks for your sharing.

You’re right, there could be short and long content and I probably was referring more to a short content, as it’s what we usually should do when we are learning a language at the beginning or even intermediate advanced level.

But I think there is value in repeating the same content instead of progressing. It’s not only vocabulary in a sort of SRS repetition but the overall when a language is connected with all the words.
However, I can’t repeat even one time only a short content. It’s like a mental block, I get too bored even if I know it could be useful.

I prefer to read a new article rather than repeating a previous one a second time. Same for the videos (actually with videos is even worse).

Are you able to repeat a 3 minutes video multiple times? Until you understand everything perfectly? I mean, this could be useful and yet I can’t do it. It gets into my nerve.

Maybe there is a way to overcome this. It has to be just a mental block, a mental attitude somewhere.

You know, I open various topics in different concept to tackle different obstacles.

The repetitions could definitely help to boost the “learned lingQ” statistics. Instead of creating thousands of new lingqs that could be useful for sure, there is also the need to increase the lingqs that we have already created. I know, we can focus on the yellow words on new articles but that would be another subject.

Here, I’d really like to understand boredom :smiley:

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I´d advise you to not repeat or at least not repeat to the point of great boredom. The solution is rather to find more material that has the same level of difficulty and if you can, many of the same words and move on to it.

Thanks @rokkvi. Although here it’s not the boredom that’s coming from the type of material but rather from the repetition of the same material over and over. For example, watching a 3 minutes video and repeating it a few times.

Do you use this type of method?

I almost never repeat to be honest. Most of the times when I repeat it´s just listening to something I already read, but I´m not sure if that even counts as repeating. Then again all the languages I´ve studied to some extent I´ve had some understanding of from the beginning. I had already learned quite a bit of French when I started it on LingQ. I was already fluent in German, English and 3 Nordic languages when I started Dutch. When I started Norwegian, I was already fluent in 3 other Nordic languages.

The only language where I´ve repeated lessons was Polish. I understand almost none of the words the first time I see them, so it only makes sense to repeat. I´ve just done so little Polish so far, I can´t tell you much about how learning a language on LingQ that is almost completely foreign to me was for me.

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