How do you like to organise your browser for Language learning/Acquisition?

Perhaps this is a trivial question, but I was wondering how others like to do to arrange this. Recently I’ve organised my browser (and some very messy folders)

This is effectively a 2-part post;

The first is in the title and I guess the second is; “What stuff do you like to use in the browser”. I want to emphasise this is not say “what do you use to learn languages”, as i’m sure people are sick of those kinds of questions (including myself to myself :/) but rather “what type of things do you like to use, generally speaking”.

I think a lot of resources/tools are used more effectively simply because they are organised in way “to” be used.

This leads into what I find useful at the moment; here’s a summary of things I use within my browser;

-Alllanguageresources - A great site for the TL - refer to this when I explore other options to try in the TL.

-LingQ - Goes without saying!

-DeepL - Useful still, but am using less nowadays, (will follow up with this in a future post)

-Youglish (for french) - I prefer this over forvo personally. Basically you enter a word and the site finds YT videos that contain that word with the transcript. Great for pronunciation and getting a sense sentence structure etc.

-Youtube (with a french only account, for general immersion, again, I will follow this up)

-Duolingo - (Only for stories now and the occasional forum search/post)

-Reddit - for general enquiries regarding LL, LA etc. (anything that won’t flood the pages on LingQ :/)

Other general Tools etc.

most notably;

Best YT to MP3 download Tools - Ytmp3 (mostly for the occasion song.) (Linked in LingQ)
Conjugaison français, verbes irréguliers, indicatif, subjonctif, auxiliaire | Conjugueur Reverso (Linked in LingQ)


The rest exists in a folder entitled “Other Language” this is basically anything else related to language learning/acquisition that I may or may not use :confused: ;

and the other; a general Language folder on the desktop for files and alike.


Perhaps there are more effective ways of doing this, like with other applications but this post is mostly concerned with general organisation and optimization of things things that are currently used.


Personally I think the "The Best Language Learning Sites and Content to Import Into LingQ " is getting a bit clogged and needs some kind of search function within the thread.

Also does anyone have an “all specific language specific browser?” - how would one do this?

Also a big thanks to tools/sites/software mentioned in other posts; they have been noted :slight_smile:


I didn’t have much to organize per se, but I keep LingQ and Netflix in my favorites bar along the top of my browser. Text importing and “bulk” general lingq creation/blue word clearing happens there. The reading and detailed lingqing of phrases and potential changes of “hints”/definitions happen on the iPad. In my favorites/bookmarks menu, I keep links to the Spanish language newspapers I read, along with a grammar website. When I was LingQing Don Quijote, with all of its old language, I kept some specialty websites/dictionaries handy to try to find words that weren’t in any of the LingQ dictionaries.

i normally use lingQ to read on my browser and it is the best.

I try to keep everything simples. I keep a folder of language programs but I also delete programs that are not of value. I do the same with my phone, I delete programs or apps that I am not currently using, so I can focus on one or two programs at a time.

I have finished all of pimsular so that has been deleted with a variety of other apps and programs. At this time I focusing my efforts into a few different areas.

Spanish TV Shows
Reading traditional books (My students find them for me and then I give them a new English book
Spanish Radio on the way to work
Kindle on my computer and phone
Audible Books when I go walking
LingoPie (I don’t like it that much)
Hello Talk a few times a week great for meeting people
Watsapp Friends in Mexico
Anki when I want to jot down a few flashcards (book phrases, student words, parent words, and Movie)

I do spend about 3-4 hours daily studying, mostly input with a little bit of out put in 30 minute sessions.

Daily example:
Morning Walk 60 minutes Audible
driving to work 40 minutes radio talk show
During breaks 30 minutes reading (Kindle)
Lunch 30 minutes LingQ
Drive home 40 minutes Audible
After Dinner 30 minutes LingQ
Late evening 30 minutes LingQ
Night time 60 plus binge watch Spanish TV

Weekends I do the same but add Hello Talk a few times and call friends in Mexico with watsapp.
When I go out I bring my book with me or flash cards and keep studying. I started slow 10 months ago. I only keep apps and programs I am using and try to limit the amount of programs I use.

I would like to know more about using it to read as my browser. Is there a link for that?

I have a feeling it might just mean that he uses the web version of LingQ to read.

Modern Greek is my no1 language right now. I just need three browser tabs for it:, (word form helper), and (vocab utility which is also linked to inside Most of the time, I add one more tab for a google spreadsheet I have created. It contains all the lessons I have imported, helping me organize my reading activity.