How do you learn another alphabet via Lingq?


I’m actually studying Spanish right now as it is my primary interest but I also have some interest in other languages. I was looking at some of the other languages which use a non-Roman alphabet such as Russian and Korean. I tested a few beginner tidbits in Russian and was able to follow along with the audio but I was totally lost on the Korean. I didn’t see any tools for being able to get a basic understanding of how to pronounce characters. Am I missing something? Or is the idea that eventually you will get it by listening and looking at the characters?


For languages with writing systems other than the Roman alphabet, you should get yourself a little book to learn that writing system. One day, perhaps, we will have the resources to develop special programs to help you with Chinese characters or Korean etc. but not for the foreseeable future.

However, if you start to learn these writing systems, LingQ would be an excellent resource to reinforce your familiarity with these writing systems.

Thank you. I know there are other resources but wasn’t sure if I was missing something within LingQ. I love this site so far.

Maybe this is helpful:

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Unfortunately they say the word before they spell it but I think this could help you. Check this website. There are more listening spelling quizzes.

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