How do you follow people?

Firstly, I try and search the username of the person.
My profile > following view all > untick filters.
The user does not come up in my search.
Secondly, even if I find the other user in some horrible work-around, on their profile page, I click ‘follow’. It looks like it works, as the button changes. But when I go back to my profile page, the user is not in my list of followers. Furthermore, when something is posted on the wall, no notification comes up, so it appears following didn’t work in the first place.
Maybe I’m doing it wrong??

Looks like there are some issues with the following at the moment. We will look into it.


I noticed that some changes to following were made, during some update a little while back. I’m not sure, if the developers think it’s fixed yet, but just want to let you know, unfollow still does not work. If they’re still working on it, no problem.

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It have hardly worked ever, and even when you’re following someone, so what?
In my opinion, language learning is a social process. At least it’s been the case for me. I’d love to see updates and achievements of my friends, publish some content only for them, send them messages.
LingQ can become an outstanding language learners community. I hope they realize the potential and at some point implement at least the basic social network features.
Actually, I believe LingQ could have already been a leading language learning forum if only the forum engine wasn’t so terrible.
BTW, @nfera, a solid progress in Italian, keep it up!


Ja, so denk’ ich auch. Ich will mit Freunden konkurrenzen! Ich mache momentan es manuell (Profile anclicken, usw), aber es wäre wunderbar, wenn es automatisch ist. xD

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