How Do You Filter With The Lesson Feed? Can You Filter For Things Like New Words Count?

Is there a way to filter the lesson feed by new word count? What ways can you filter in the lesson feed? I realize there is a search bar but was curious if it allows for any number/word codes or boolean operators?

As I increase my word count, I am having more difficult finding articles with 100+ new words in them. I prefer these articles because they are easier to listen to in my car. One challenge I sometimes find is an article may have trouble loading its audio while I am out and about. For this reason, it helps to simply have a longer article rather than try to listen to one article and try to upload a second or third. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. Just curious what others may be doing in this area.


In the course/lesson library on your main homepage, there should be a little tab that says “filters.” Click on that.

I think that the only criteria for filtering are there…anything you don’t see there, you can’t filter based on.

Someone please let me know if I am mistaken, because I think everyone would like to filter more specifically while looking for lessons that interest them/meet their needs as learners.


I asked this question in the webinar today and they basically said the filtering options are limited. For example, you can’t currently filter by new words count. However, besides what you mentioned regarding adjusting the different levels, there were two things I learned:

  1. If you click on the grey title for each article which turns blue when you hover over it, you will get a list of all the articles from that source. You can also do the same when hovering over this source when a specific title is open although it will display all the titles on the left.

  2. If you select Lesson Library instead of Lesson Lead, you will see the articles listed in total rather than the most recent ones in Lesson Feed. Using Lesson Library, as you mentioned gives you a few more filtering options.