How do you do deal with words having the same meaning but different usages?

This is a problem that I have never really conquered. I just mess up a lot when it comes to words that have the same meaning but used differently. What are your suggestions to help me with this issue?

You need massive exposure to it being used and you need to understand which meaning it takes in each context. It takes a long time for this process to become automatic and there are examples of this where it’s still difficult for native speakers of any language. It would be quite rare for this to happen for most situations, but there are example passages of this kind of problem and usually it means that the reader doesn’t have enough background information or a high enough level of comprehension/familiarity. Your background knowledge, or in this case your familiarity of what type of vocabulary is used in specific contexts, will have a strong correlation to whether you figure out the word’s specific meaning in each context.


You are right. I got to double down on exposure, especially reading and listening. I will still make mistakes, but I know that I am getting better.

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