How do you change targets and use the counting functions

I just upgraded after using the free stuff for a while and do not understand how some things work. My questions:

  1. The workdesk shown in the public info site does not seem to be in my account space. Is there w way to get the workspace view?

  2. How do you use the account buttons - I am assuming you do the reading writing and listening tabs manually?

  3. How does one become a tutor? I am intersted in English tutoring, am a native speaker and experienced teacher.


Welcome to LingQ.

  1. What used to be the Work Desk is now accessed by clicking on the Courses tab which should show you a list of your Lessons. You can then open which ever one you want.

Two weeks ago we introduced a new look and new navigation. Some of the public info may still be based on the old site. We will be checking to make sure all the info and help is up to date.

  1. If you need to change something in your Account you click on that button. Access to learning activities is under Courses, and access to the community is under the Community button.

  2. We welcome more tutors. We need a few weeks to refine the Courses program. In the meantime I would suggest that you become more familiar with LingQ. We would like our tutors to have saved 300 words and to have used all of our features, so that they can be effective as tutors on our system. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Shelmica,

The information pages have not yet been changed to reflect the changes. I recommend watching the video at the top of the Welcome page for a site overview. There are also videos in most sections in the Getting Started window.

I would recommend just following the 5 Steps on the Lesson page. That will take you everywhere you need to go.