How do we create more opportunities for

Having the confidence to speak is very important.As we all know, speaking, listening,writing,and comprehension levels can be quite different from each other.
How do we create more opportunities for conversation to increase speaking skills.
What is your opinion on this issue?

Is this the only way to talk to a native?

I think anything that puts your mind to the exercise of creating output will help improve your speaking. Writing indirectly helps improve your speaking ability in my opinion, because it helps you train yourself to formulate sentences automatically and with less deliberate effort. Anything with instant feedback though is the best. This is usually a native speaker (or someone at a near native level) because if you make a mistake they can correct you, or in their answer they may repeat your phrases in a natural way, so you know how to say something correctly in the future. You could also get artificial instant feedback by taking recordings of native speakers saying sentences in sentence structures you want to learn, then creating audio (or audio flash cards) of yourself saying the translation in your native language, a pause for you to attempt to say that sentence in your target language, and then the native speaker saying the sentence, so you get instant feedback on how you may have said it incorrectly. I have seen quite a few people use this latter method effectively in the absence of native speakers to communicate with, but obviously live access to a speaker is better, having less upfront work and being capable of more dynamic “conversation”

Hi Ozne

Just a couple of quick suggestions for you.

  1. Look out for tourists… generally the people walking around your city that might look a bit bewildered or lost. If I generalise a bit… I can tell you that English people often go to other countries without learning the language of that country. They would usually be pretty happy if somebody started talking to them in English, especially if they were lost. I know many British tourists go to Turkey. Perhaps you might bump into some and be able to strike up a conversation. This is a great way to build your speaking confidence as they can give you feedback on your English after you have spoken to them and you can also have the opportunity to speak to a native speaker in an environment where the conversation is pertinent to the surroundings, situation, etc.

  2. Play online games. Games that can be played online that use a microphone are a great way to speak English outside of a Skype conversation. You might not hear the most pleasing language at times, especially if your opponent is frustrated that you are winning :wink: but it is definitely something worth considering as you will have some context within which to base a conversation.

I hope you found these two tips useful. :slight_smile: If you found these interesting we could perhaps have a more in depth conversation about this on Skype at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

From my own experience as an adult ESL teacher and that of my students.


Undoubtedly the most popular way to increase speaking skills is tourist conversations,but I mentioned more than this.A lot of beginner level learners can cope with it.
I meant the intermediate or more.Anyway thank you for your tips.Yes,we could have a conversation about this on Skype :)))

*By the way,I were at your country last year,liked to much.When I saw your profile,I remembered brightly-coloured paintings,carved ostrich eggs,Cape Point with hungry baboons,Greenmarket,Clifton beach…


‘Writing indirectly helps improve your speaking ability in my opinion, because it helps you train yourself to formulate sentences automatically and with less deliberate effort.’
I totally agree with you on this issue.
I think,everyone has an easy own way to learn.
I really think people should experience each method to discover their practicable way.
In fact the problem is finding time to understand which one is best for you in many alternative.

It took me a number of years to figure out what really works for me.

What is your quick tips lmy?

What is your quick tips lmy?