How do I submit a monthly student report?rr

I have written a student a monthly report and sent it via e-mail. Of course, the date of this report doesn’t show up on the LingQ system as her last report date. It wouldn’t, because LingQ doesn’t know that the report exists.

How am I to submit a student report through LingQ so that LingQ records that it has been done?

Hi Helen,

I just noticed that that isn’t in the Tutor’s Manual. We will have to add it. In the meantime, on your Tutor Home page where you can see the list of the “reports due” you should see a link to all progress reports that are due. Click on the link and the students profile opens up with a comment box at the bottom. Review the students progress, fill in the comments and send it.

Sorry, I meant the “Today’s Report” list not the “reports due” list.

It’s just that, on my student list are a couple of new (to me) students whose last report date is shown as being well over a month ago. I guess there are a couple of possible reasons for this, zero activity in the last month being one, not being registered with a tutor being another. I will send them a report as soon as the system tells me to.

There may have been times when the tutors did reports late or early but if you just worry about completing reports that show up in your list, you should be good. Of course, let us know if you notice that this isn’t the case!