How Do I Revert Back To v4?


How do I revert back to the previous version of LingQ that I was using?

I’d prefer to start using v5 when I’m ready to be honest :slight_smile:



I Don’t really post in the forums, but v5 is way too slow and the padding between elements is so extreme that it renders the sidebar close to unusable on my screen.
Sure, it’s pretty and minimalistic, but I seriously think it’s a downgrade, ease-of-use wise.


The words read counter is completely bugged. It doesn’t count the read words only when you click finish anymore, so I have a lot of lessons that show up as 1,23 read or 1,524 read.

I’m the same, wanting to switch back. For one thiing, I used to rely on seeing the full transcript and full translation with one click. Now impossible :frowning: And everything else is no improvement, functionally, for my usage. Apparently there is no way back V4 or previous.


It’s not possible to revert back to the previous version, I am afraid.
We assure you that we will urgently deal with any issue that may come up, and make sure version 5 is working perfectly fine.

I am struggling also. It keeps refusing to go to the next line in the text of that I’m studying.

Why can’t I access my playlist anymore?

There is a Playlist tab on the Library page which shows your Active Playlist (default playlist) and allows you to create additional playlists for organizing content.

There does seem to be an issue here. Try opening a few other lessons or refreshing. It seems to unstick that control after a while. We are trying to figure out why that is happening.

Reading and listening is now tracked in real time. Once listen to audio it gets added, likewise when reading a page or sentence. This is a much more accurate way of measurement as it will track repeated reading and listening automatically.

Performance in Firefox is a work in progress but performance elsewhere should all right. Still room for improvement but not different than v4 in most cases. Still not clear how the sidebar is unusable but please send screenshots to support with indications showing what is not working for you to help us understand better.

You can access the full text in Listening Mode. Click to play the lesson audio and then click the expand control to see Listening Mode.

Does “Full text” view doesn’t exist anymore on the new version?


Do this: Click on the options menu (three dots … at the top right) → “Lesson info” → Printer symbol

The full text will open in a new tab for you.


For the most part, I like this update. I’m not surprised there are a lot of “I hate changes” type of complaints–that’ll happen anytime something changes. At first it’s a little awkward trying to figure out how to navigate the changes, but a little time to get used to it will fix that. But I’ll throw a couple of comments about the troubles I’ve had out there in case they can be fixed or I’m overlooking something.

First, I can’t seem to use LingQ on my phone anymore. Probably have to update the app or something. I usually let my phone update apps automatically and perhaps it hasn’t done that yet. (I’m using an Android.) So all of my comments are about the web version from my laptop.

I miss the colors that show how easy the text will be to understand. Green, yellow and red. Now they’re all just blue. I know it’s a little detail, but sometimes I’ll just scroll through a list of lessons in a course and hit the easiest ones first and it really helped make those pop out. Now I find myself slowly reading the actual percentage of unknown words to figure out where to start.

The sidebar I find a bit annoying as well. I wish it stretched the entire length of the page up/down. (Well, okay, maybe not where the logout and profile buttons are, but the rest of the page.) I find myself having to scroll down to see all the possible translations for a word and I’d rather not have to scroll. It just seems like the space isn’t being utilized as fully as it could. The “close sidebar”, “…”, “review” and “?” options have plenty of room to fit to the left of a taller sidebar.

Also, maybe it would be useful to auto-select the most popular meaning if none is explicitly chosen. I noticed it stays blank if I just pick a number on it but don’t pick a meaning.

I don’t really remember if it used to do this with version 4.x, but I don’t remember being forced to pick a meaning either so however it used to work seemed to work better for me. Basically, I’d like to do less scrolling with the sidebar, and less selecting of options if I’m happy to accept whatever default is provided.

Then there’s the daily goal–thatl confused me at first. I was used to it being number of lingQs per day, but it appears to be number of coins now? I thought my settings had changed and now my minimum daily goal was over 100 lingQs and I was like, “Woah! I can’t do that!” (I’m more of the 50/day, give or take.) Then I realized it was coins.

I don’t really have a preference which is better, but it seems like it should be more clear. Even in the settings, it just says things like “Casual (50)” and “Steady (100)”, but nothing about 50 or 100 what?! I think it would be more clear if those selections were named something like “Casual (50 coins)” or “Steady (100 coins)”.

Those are the only criticisms I have for the time being. I hope you find them “constructive” rather than just a rant. I really do like most of the changes.

Such as the playlists. I really like the idea of multiple playlists. I haven’t played around with that feature yet and am thinking about how they might best work for me.

I’m also a huge fan of the Netflix-style layout for finding new content. Although I will say–and I hate this about Netflix too–I absolutely hate that the thumbnails grow in size if you hover over it. I know Netflix does that too and I figure most people must like that if they keep using it, but I just find it an annoyance. At least it will display more information about the lesson when it increases in size, so there is that benefit. But I’d prefer a “…” to click if I want to know more about a particular option. I don’t really expect that to change, though. I’m probably a weirdo not liking the growing and shrinking thumbnails seeing how ubiquitous that sort of feature has become and I still hate it on every website that uses this pattern.

Well, since I’m throwing suggestions out left and right, I’ll do one more. It’s a complaint I had with the old app. I assume it’ll be the same in the new app, but like I said before, I haven’t tried the newer app yet so maybe I’m wrong.

I’d like the ability to download an entire lesson and be able to look up unknown words and study a lesson even if I’m not connected to the Internet. I often hike long-distance trails. Last year, for instance, I thru-hiked the Continental Divide Trail. But many days I couldn’t use LingQ at all because I was out of range of cell-phone towers. I could listen to audio that I had already downloaded, but I couldn’t study any lessons. And I’m currently traveling in Europe where my phone doesn’t work, so I can only study lessons when I’m on a wi-fi connection, but there are times when I’d be sitting in a park enjoying the views and I wanted to study a bit but couldn’t.

So one thing I’d really love to see is a way to download an entire lesson to the app that I could study completely 100% offline. Maybe for version 6.0 update? =)

Happy trails and dziękuję!

– Ryan

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My experience with this is still spotty on mobile. Before I thought the issue was related to pages with no unknown words, but now I am pretty sure it is just reading too fast such that it doesn’t register.

On my tablet I would say most lessons are like .98+ plus where sometimes the last segment doesn’t capture, but on my phone it can be as low as .8 on a lesson I read start to finish.

Will the feature be added back to adjust words read on mobile? (I think it was just add before).

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Right but when i click on my playlist nothing happens.

Do you mean that the playlist loads endlessly? What happens if you add a random lesson to that playlist, does it show up then?


It really should be as accessible as before, with one click from the reader, along with the full translation transcription, which is absolutely crucial (for the mini stories at least).

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is there any way auto word counter for reading can be optional until it is ironed out?