How do I revert back to the Old LingQ Page. I will have to cancel my subscription if the current model stays in place

I just opened lingQ and it is updated. I want the old Layout. It worked perfect, the distance between the text and the lingQ was very short, the blue and Yellow colors were nice. And it showed the Translation first. Now you have to scroll down for the translation which is extremely far away from the text, everything is white. Please help me revert back to the old (perfect) way…


Sorry, but it’s not possible to switch back to the old version.
If you don’t like the white theme, you can change to the Dark Mode under the settings and see if you like that one better.

My first reaction was ugh, I hate this. But now having played with it a bit it is not bad. I think people may just need to work with it for a while.

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I’m not sure exactly what you mean but please send some screenshots of your issues to support and we’ll see what we can do. But, as Nola says below, often it just takes a little time to start using and learning new patterns. Try it for a day and see how you feel then.