How do I replace lesson text?

In the old Lingq, I could import a lesson or a YouTube video and then go in and edit the text of that lesson. I could delete huge paragraphs or sections if they were in a language I didn’t want. Or, in the case of YouTube, if the included text was the automatically generated subtitles, I could replace all the text with the transcript I’d received elsewhere.

I basically want to import EasyGerman YouTube videos and then replace the transcript with the proper one because that isn’t included on YouTube for free. But as far as I can see, one can only do it line by line. This would take an eternity. What am I missing or was this feature simply removed?

When you are in the lesson, go to edit lesson, then to regenerate lesson (at the bottom of the left column). Then you select the text of the lesson and put the new text in its place.