How do I put in my profile of the selected image?

Hi, Mark!
At normal path -settings, Add picture- at me isn’t working right. Screen (monitor) “becomes a grey”, the lower windows are poorly visible and locked. “Browse” it is not possible to use. What is wrong? How can I remedy this problem??

That sounds like the javascript cropper isn’t working properly for you. What browser are you using?

Hello Mark!
In computer technology I’m a complete illiterate. I’m a generation of drawing boards and ‘‘rehenschiber’’ (in german). Exactly: generation of your father. If him does not count I was probably the oldest pupil-beginner on the LingQ.
On my laptop it installed Internet Explorer 8th. But not also the Java program. That I had installed on the old PC: only to monitoring the games. You’re right: the former Eastern bloc is a large advantage of Java program. However, we are at least 15 years for America in those days.

Hi Tone,

The javascript components on our site do not work well in IE8. You must turn on “compatibility mode” on your browser so that it will work like IE7. To do this go to “Tools” and then “Turn on compatibility mode”. It should work fine after that.

Mark, thank you.
As you can see we are only as successful.