How Do I Prevent Lingq Threads From Showing Up in My Inbox

Ever since I posted one forum thread, random, daily thread notifications from brand new forums have been showing up in my inbox. I know I’m not getting notifications from every new thread, but ones in which I’m pretty sure I didn’t add to a watch list will show up. How can I prevent notifications from showing up, except for the ones that I am interested in?

So far, I have just unclicked the “watching thread” box for each individual post I get. There has got to be a better way. I open my inbox to find dozens of emails that don’t pertain to me.

@HeatherSibal - It sounds like you may be subscribed not just to a thread, but to an actual sub-forum itself. To check this, click on the link in one of the notifications then click on the sub-forum at the top (to the right of “LingQ Forums”) and see if this box is checked. If so, just uncheck it and you should be good. If you continue to receive notifications for other threads that you didn’t follow, check the other sub-forums as well.

I’ll try it. Thank you!

Yup. That looked like that was the problem. Thank you so much!