How do I "Onebox" a link?

I’ve posted a few links here using the hyperlink tag, and I’ve remembered to put them on their own separate line, but nothing ever seems to get Oneboxed. Is there some kind of trick to it? What am I missing?

Just type ONLY the link on the first line of your message, hit “enter” and that’s the whole message.

At least, that’s what I just did, and it worked… Yay, another badge!

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Great! Thanks. I’ll give it a go when I find something worth posting.

So by “only the link”, do you mean with or without the hyperlink tag?

I guess I’ll figure it out when I try it.

I literally just went to YouTube and copy-pasted a link into a message. That’s it.

I don’t know if it works for other sites, but it works for YouTube.

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