How do I NOT forget my early lessons?

Beginner question. I’ve been at this for about a week now and I just broke 600 words (Yay!). How do I prevent forgetting my earlier words? I’ve been working the new LingQ’s after every lesson, but how do I not forget the older lingqs?

Shoud I go to the vocabulary section once in a while? But how do I use the vocab section when I do go there?


As you take it seriously, you may like LingQ’s (or any other) SRS system:
I don’t use it personally (mostly cause it’s still not available for mobile) and in general terms I agree with Imyirtseshem: just read really a lot!

There are a lot of methods with new words: some students don’t learn them especially, and they take a high position in the top list of lingqers every month; other people pay attention to the new words and ask for receiving lingqs of the day every day and learn them before going forward, and they have only a small quantity of points in the profile page. But it’s only the thing of vanity.
In my opinion the best way to use both methods: to repeat the most important for you words almost every day, but ignore less important words. Some of them you’ll temember if they repeat in other texts, some of the you’ll forget because they were incidental and consequently not so important.

@eugrus thanks for the link it was very helpful :slight_smile:

@Roz You are welcome! :slight_smile: