How do I give someone a rose outside of giving a lesson or a course a rose?

Is there a FAQ or a tutorial about roses?

If not, can I give a rose without giving a rose for a course or a lesson?
I assume that outside of giving a rose for a course or a lesson, the rose has a price. How much does a rose cost?

I’m still learning about this site but I was able, a few days ago, to give a rose to a person by clicking on Give Rose under that person’s avatar. As far as I know, there was no price.

Roses are free, and you can give someone a rose by clicking on “Give Rose” underneath their avatar on their profile :slight_smile:

@MaryThomas2 and @Alex

Thanks for the tip. To test it, I gave each of you a rose.

It worked! : ) Thanks.

Nice to give, even nicer to get. Thanks Don :slight_smile:

Hi, yesterday I had a rose but I do not know who gave it me … Nothing on my timeline and nothing on my wall, how do you know do where roses come from plz ?

@Exodus - These roses may have come from posts that you made on other people’s walls. At the moment we don’t have notifications for activities like this, but we do have plans to further enhance this functionality in the future.

@exodus: isn’t it nice to receive a rose anonymously? I like giving roses that way for Milestones, posts, etc.

Thank you for your response Alex and Merci pour cette rose Sanne, j’en déduis que c’est vous :o)