How do I get the original audio back?

Hello, I imported a youtube video and it was my first time importing. I think I accidentally imported the youtube video to default and now all of my default ministories have a weird TTS voice. Is there a way for me to remove this voice and go back to the original lesson audio?

That sounds strange. Are you saying that after you import a YouTube video, you’ve lost original audio in the Mini Stories course?

Yes that is what happened.

We are looking into these issues but in the meantime you should be able to refresh the page to get the correct audio to play. It seems to be caching the audio from the previous lesson in some cases. Closing the lesson and re-opening it should also work.

It doesn’t seem to go back no matter how many times I refresh the page.

Can you please try clearing your browser’s cache and let me know if that helps?

You should contact again with the imported person. I hope he/she can help you here.

Nope, nothing has worked. The audio is even replaced on my mobile device.

Can you please reach me at support(at) I’ll need some additional information from you to try to figure out what’s going on. Thanks!