How do I get the LingQ Importer to work?

I have installed the LingQ Importer. Now when I click on a video within LingQ that needs to be imported first, I get the message “Very good! You have already activated the import extension.”. Then there is a “Continue” button. When I click on it, nothing happens except that I am redirected to YouTube. I can then watch the video there, just as if I had gone to YouTube in the first place. I don’t understand what the point of this import extension is supposed to be.
Or have I done something wrong? Any operating error? If yes, what?

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Are you referring to the browser extension? If so, while your browser page is open to the YouTube you want to import, you call upon the importer to import it. I’m showing screen shots from Firefox Developer edition.

When I’m ready, I click the Import button.


Oh thank you.
I misunderstood something. I tried to import a video that is listed within LingQ and that needs to be imported first. Because that message came that I mentioned above, I thought I would get the video immediately. In fact, I was just redirected to the video I wanted and I thought “Was that all?” In fact, I now understand that I have to select the video in YouTube and THEN click on the impoter icon in the browser. I tried it and it worked.
Again thank you very much!

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Also note you can edit the title. Just click into it. I usually clean it up and simplify it before I click import. Glad my note helped.

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Thanks again. I’ll try it when importing a video with a very long title. :slight_smile: