How do I Enter a Term in the Vocabulary?

How do I enter a term directly from the vocabulary field? It’s not very intuitive what to write and how to do it.
A phrase can have commas too, breaking the columns.


You just write the term itself, then it will appear in your vocabulary list as a 1-New LingQ without any meaning attributed. From there it’s just the same as finding them while reading, you can write the meaning or choose from the ones already saved.

Edit: About the phrases with commas, I believe LingQ doesn’t recognize commas at all. If you save two terms as a phrase, and they appear somewhere with a comma in-between, LingQ will just present it as the phrase you saved, and vice-versa.


Each term/phrase you are manually importing needs to be in one line, so as you can see in the screenshot you attached, one term per line.


Ok, so I only enter the term. Then I have to search in the vocabulary the term and enter the rest of the phrase, tags, meanings and so on.

I thought I could enter everything in one line only.

I thought “One term per line” included also the definition for the term, tags, and so on.

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@davideroccato Yeah, I was confused too. It’s definitely not clear that with that you only can add the words, but not definition. I, too, thought the below layout of the .csv also referred to the manual import (‘import terms’). After you’ve added the words, you need to find them in the Vocabulary list, then add the definitions. Slightly odd.


@davideroccato Correct, yes. Or you can just change the sort by filter to Creation date and newly imported terms will appear at the top.