How do I delete a lesson?

I accidentally picked a lesson that is too advanced for me right now. I’ve been trying to delete it from my lessons and I just can’t find any way to delete it.

If you go to the lesson page where you have the overview of all your lessons, there is the option “delete” in the last row according to this lesson.

Thank you! I realize now I was going to the wrong page before.

You could just archive it and come back to it next year. It’s really easy to swap lessons in and out of “archive” status, and it can be nice to flick through your archive and find that the lessons which you couldn’t manage last year now look quite straightforward. It’s like building up a file of your work.

I have archived and de-archived each lesson about 3 times on average. Every time I come back I look at something different: this time nouns, next time verbs, a third time phrases etc.