How do I default all lessons to Classic View?

I’ve been off lingq for awhile, and upon my return, to my dismay, lingq is modernizing to a layout more suitable for nursery rhymes than for language study. I want the default view for every lesson to be classic. I want to scroll through long text, not try and ‘flip’ through short cut off paragraphs.

Please add a setting to the profile that allows the classic default view.




We pay the same price. You have the classic view but I’m not. I’m second class customer. Wonderful !

The new view is terribly slow. Maybe my computer is slow but it’s really frustrating.

I think you can use the classic view, ijoh: just click on the word classic, somewhere above the text. Strangely enough, the learners who were on LINGQ before the introduction of the new view, still have the possibility to use the classic view, which, in my humble opinion, has a few advantages, among which the possibility of reading longer texts scrolling instead of paging all the time. It is indeed strange that, paying the same price, the newcomers don’t have the advantages of the classic view.

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Thanks. I think there should be an option for everyone as using the mousewheel to scroll the text instead of clicking on-screen controls is more efficient. Right now I don’t have a LingQ subscription anyway. I’m too busy listening to Russian radio.

I am a bit torn between the classic view and the new one. I agree that it is better to “scroll down the text” but then again I do like the auto text to speech function. I think I read somewhere that the idea behind not letting new members have access to classical view is that it is easier to get used to the improved version.

Are you using the same old link to return to the site?

Try changing your link to:

(You’ll need to change the two-letter language abbreviation to whatever your default language is. Mine happens to be nl = Nederlands (Dutch). I’m guessing yours is ru = Russian.)

That should fix it. For now. Until the next change.