How do I change the picture of a course?


I put a picture for a course that I made to myself, but I want to change it because I put the wrong one. How do I do it ?

@GamblingDementor - To do this, just go back to the Edit Course screen (click “Edit Course” in the dropdown next to the course) then click on “Change picture” to add a new picture. The course picture will display for all lessons in the course that don’t have their own image.

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I do not have the option to change picture. I only see my current picture, and the option to add a video.

@GamblingDementor - I’m not sure which page you’re looking at. Here’s a quick screencast that shows how to change the course image:

@GamblingDementor, what is you interface language?
I guess the link with meaning “Add picture” may have wrong names like “Add video” in some translations here on LingQ. I’ve seen something like that in Russian version before.