How do I change my native language? I'm not Japanese - I want to LEARN Japanese!

Hi there!

Please help! I have just set up my account and somehow have accidentally selected for my native language to be Japanese. I want to LEARN Japanese and am an English speaker!

How do I change this?? (Particularly when I can’t read the options!)

Thanks for any advice!

I’ve changed interface to Japanese for fun. :slight_smile: The interface language dropdown list is the 6th from top. English is the 1st in the list.

Thank you!

But I’m still not sure where the interface language dropdown list is…? Can you please direct me?

Thanks again!!

You need to go to Settings which is the second item under your name in the top right hand corner. There you can change your language settings. As a5m says, English is the first language in the drop down. The interface language is the first of the three language choices. I will post an image to your wall.