How do I cancel/downgrade my account/membership?

Hi, there is no way to downgrade or cancel my account? I want to cancel my account. Can somebody please help.

Hello, ana7766!

Below are the links to the LingQ support pages for those two options. And yes, you can do both or either one.

Downgrade from Premium to Free:

Downgrade and/or delete your account:

I hope these help! Let me know if you have any other questions. Have a great day!

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You did cancel successfully and your account is scheduled to drop to the Free plan after your current paid period expires.

Hello, I just tried downgrading so that my subscription ends at the end of the current month, but after 3 attempts at enticing me to stay (which I feel is a bit much btw), the very last page of the process asks me to either pay 2$ per month to “keep my data” or to click on a button that says “Delete my data”. Am I to understand your policy now is to erase everything immediately (even though I’ve still got half a month paid with my subscription) unless we pay every single month for if maybe one day we want to come back? I hope it’s a misunderstanding.
If someone can just change my subscription plan right now so it isn’t renewed automatically next month (in about 15 days from now, that is), that’d be swell. Cheers.

Hello, nashlam.

I could understand how 3+ pop ups would be too much, like the decision was already made. I don’t disagree with you there. I would assume clicking that “delete my data” wouldn’t actually delete it until the end of your active membership but it should be made more clear either way.

I’d recommend to actually made a new post in regards to this issue your having. I sincerely hope you get it figured out and they figure out a different way to go about it.

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@nashlam No problem, I disabled the auto-renewal on your account.

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Thanks a lot Zoran! :slight_smile:
Edit: actually in my settings it still says “1 Months Premium (renewing on March XX, 2023)”… So I hope it’s just because the UI doesn’t really update properly.