How did this man learn 11 languages?

Even if you’ve seen this short BBC video, it is still so pleasant to hear him speak - and understand him in a few of the languages. O, to be young and keen on learning!

More impressive than his amazing language ability is his ability to instantly teleport himself from place to place.

Yes, the BBC knows how to pick them!

(He does sound as if he knew what he was talking about, must be all this teleporting…)


Beautiful! And he learns from contexts that interest him, by listening and reading. Where have I heard that before?


There’s an interview with Alex Rawlings on The Polyglot Project Podcast

There are some interesting articles on his blog: ‘How do languages change the way you think?’, ‘Gender in language: what is it and what does it do?’, ‘What is fluency, and how to attain it?’

‘The cult of the hyperpolyglot’ article (about Ray Gillon) is also interesting and includes some user comments about Rawlings The cult of the hyperpolyglot - BBC News

Here he talks with a girl in what sounds to be perfect Russian and Hebrew. What’s amazing is to hear them at the end with perfect English accents. Multilingual chat: Alex Rawlings talks to Russian-Israeli friend - YouTube