How decrease numbers automatically in brackets when I do one round

When I do vocabulary review there are 3 different options (all, phrases, and SRS due) with brackets. In this brackets there are numbers. When I did one round it decreased with 10 automatically but somehow it doesn’t decrease automatically only when I click to other option and than back .
Maybe I changed something but I don’t know what. I‘d Like to ask help in it.

Can you please explain a bit more what exactly you meant with " only when I click to other option and than back’? What exactly you do?
Note that words on SRS list and words due for review with different status:
Status 1 words are due for review in 1 day, status 2 in 3 days, status 3 in 7 days, and status 4 in 30 days. Once words become due for review they are added to the SRS - Due for review list. Whenever, words are reviewed or status is changed, the review period is reset. That’s why number of words on SRS list may decrease once when you complete the daily LingQs review or if you review them manually on the Vocabulary page.

Dear Zoran,
thank you your answer. I try to explain it :
i do review every day. , I choose especially SRS Due options and I can see a number in the brackets. Every day different I know it.
Earlier When I do one round it decreased with 10 automatically. For example morning I saw that I have let say 156 words I started to excercise. After a first round it went dawn to 146, then 136…and so on.
the number decreased after each round with 10 automatically.
now I se the same number in the brackets in my example it is 156. And if I did 3 round it shows the same number (156).
if I click to another box not SRS Due, but Phrases or All box and then back to the SRS Due it decreases the number only then when I navigate to other place and than back. Use to it was an automatic decrease.

Thanks for the explanation. I am actually unable to reproduce that, the number does update straight away for me. Which browser are you using?