How can you set up private speaking session reserved for a specific member?

Hi! Could you tell me if there is any way to set up a private speaking session for a specific student?
I asked a tutor to set up a 30 minute private speaking session, but I thought if he opens regular private speaking slots anyone can sign up for them before I do.
So, I asked my tutor to open a group discussion of 30 mins (2 slots) with a description that it is reserved for me. Then I found out later when I signed up for it, that one person can sign up for one space (15min).

I just wonder how other tutors do when they want to reserve a specific time slot for their students. (For example, when you want to have 30 minutes speaking lesson for student A every Sunday at 10pm.)

Whenever I want to set up a 30-minute slot, I post 2 Group Discussions with 2 ‘seats’ each and call them “Reserved for XYZ” , one could repeat this in the topic line. This way your tutor can make sure that only you will sign up for each slot.


I have never thought of the trick…!!
Thank you so much for your advice. The problem’s solved. :smiley: