How can I transfer iTunes files from my macbook pro to an external hard drive?

Can anyone help me? My computer’s storage is full. I want to remove all my iTunes files to an external hard drive and play them from there. I am backing up on a My Passport external drive but so far have not been able to remove the files from the computer and not have them come back.

Hi, I believe it is not possible if you have not a software. You can try CopyTrans | Transfer music from iPhone to PC I do not know if you can do it with this one and whether it’s free or not but I know there is a cheap software if this last doesn’t work. I will do research and will give you the url if necessary, let me know it in this case :o)

It’s very easy:

Copy your complete iTunes Library to an external drive, and use this article - Back up and restore your iTunes library on your PC - Apple Support - to set your new location. Check everything by playing some media files within iTunes. Now you can remove your old iTunes Library.

IMPORTANT: You should always create / have available a complete backup via Time Machine or similar solutions before doing this!

Thanks for the help so far from Exodus and from u50623. I will try u50623’s suggestion first and will report back.

I already have the backup done and will use a different disk for the transfer.

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Thanks. I have freed up half of my computer’s storage space!